Your Child + 30 minutes = Candid Portrait Magic!

As a parent that might worry about their wiggly/crabby/uncooperative child, the thought of volunteering to do family photos–or even portraits of your child!– is enough to give you a headache! And to you, I say–I completely understand 😀

So for your family, there’s a great way to “test the waters” on the idea of doing portraits of the kids–a “mini session” !


1-2-3! We played, did some spins and twirls, and next thing you know, there’s a family pyramid forming! 😀

A mini session is just as the name implies.   A very purposeful 30 minute session that allows the parents, child (or children!), and me, as the photographer to play and have fun without the time commitment of a full-length session. (A full session is normally 1-1.5 hours, depending on the location and number of outfit changes:-) )

Big smiles and silliness!

For families that haven’t done photos in a while, a “shortie” photo session can be a good way to ease back into the game to get some new, fresh portraits of the kids.  You’ll see that  with the shorter session time, it’s perfect for their attention span!

The most majestic twirl ever!

The concept of a these “minis” is the same as a full-length session for me. Candid and authentic style.  Low-key fun.  Unscripted and un-posed. That’s where the beauty of your images is born… capturing images of them, just as they are:-)

Happy smiles!


At MAKE, we run our mini-sessions at a reduced session rate because they are about half the time of the normal session. So for the family that’s worried about how the kids will do, it’s an excellent entry point to give it a go!


Candid-Portrait-of-Young-Sisters-6To get first choice of session times in our next Mini-Day schedule, please send me an email using my contact form, linked here. I will add you to the distribution for that next candid kids portrait event!

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