Wanderlust Adventure Travel Roswell Georgia

There is little that I love more than traveling the world.  If you looked up ‘wanderlust’ in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure it would have my smiling mug starting back at ‘ya!    I have a bucket list to help me keep on track with my travel goals to crisscross this amazing world. 🙂

So, just know that if it’s way out there…hard to get to….an uncommon location…off the beaten path… These are the places I love to be.

I keep a bit of a gallery on this page to capture just a few of the memories captured during my wanderlust fueled adventure travel. And while I’m based out of Roswell, GA, as a fellow traveler once said, “There isn’t a corner of this great big world that I don’t want to see.”  ❤️🌎🌍🌏❤️

Drop me a line over at my sister brand, MAKE / Adventure Stories to explore our concierge adventure photography services.    Every trip should be captured beautifully–let’s go explore!!!!

Mumbai, India

South Africa



London & Paris


adventure travel photography roswell georgia

 Trinidad and Tobago

Costa Rica

Adventure travel photography Roswell Georgia