Rest, Relax, Recharge

Travel lifestyle photographer

Glorious al fresco spaces.  Personal attention.  Rest and relaxation through pool time and yoga.  Hammocks in the breeze, and in-room massages.  Great food and wonderful staff.  When your holiday comes to an end, these are the images that you pull up in your mind’s  as you move through your time back at work and the “real world”…

Looking at the images now, I remember the feel of the perfect, slightly warm night air, and the soft laughter from the Tribe enjoying a night cap after a beautiful day.  I can hear the gentle rustle of the palm leaves and the soothing sounds of the water cascading in the infinity pool, all kissed by the warmth of the afternoon sun.   The cool, sweet first sip of the fresh-made juices and a delicious post-surf snack.

As a kindred wanderer once told me–“the pictures allow me to remember the story of past trips and to dream of trips to come.”  What story do your travel images tell?  What emotions do they bubble up when you look at them?   And, what is the memory you want to be able to replay in your mind as you pass the time until your next adventure?

Having an “on-trip”, traveling photographer takes the burden out of the experience for you, and, beautifully captures all these wonderful, lasting memories while you focus instead on being in and enjoying the moments.  Your beautiful experiences are waiting…drop me an email here.. let’s go explore!