I think there’s so many things in life that people take for granted as we get up each day and move along our routine.  That’s what I love about event photography, actually… it’s one day where people are doing something that’s very much outside their norm, so there is a bit of excitement for that fact alone.  That excitement then translates into a lot to see and capture as everyone experiences this beautiful and amazing thing that has brought us together.

Joy.  Love. Excitement.  Anticipation. Reflection.

That’s what stood out to me in this image I captured of a keynote speaker during the ceremony.  Look closely… what do you see?


With closer inspection, you can see the numerous yellow “dots” reflected in his glasses.  Those are his classmates as he faces them in the audience.  His peers.  In him, we see the shared journey, the hope, and the joy of his class…reflected.  A beautiful moment, truly outside the norm.

Good luck graduates!