Candid Portrait Photography!

Portraits are personal.  They are, after all, a focus on you!

My experience has been that some of the best images come out of a casual environment where you can feel comfortable… That’s why I enjoy working in a more informal style of candid portrait photography.  Easy-going, casual fun to help you be at your best!

There’s few things more interesting than photographing kids.  You never know what their reactions to the camera will be, and as a result, every image tells a story of that fleeting moment.  Silly!  Serious. Sassy! Honest.  I love the feeling of capturing a candid portrait in the moement that shows a wonderful reflection of who they really are:-)

What’s your child’s personality?  I look forward to learning about the magic you would like to capture!

Kids on their own is one thing, but honestly, one of my favorite parts of doing candid portrait photography with families is seeing how they interact with each other!  Mixed in between the more “formal” parts of the session, I’ve found that the surprising, spontaneous moments are often the sweetest.

Don’t worry!  No family is too big (or, too small!) or too wiggly (or wild!) to MAKE your story with us!

Whether you’re looking for images of yourself for personal branding, engagements, anniversaries, etc…  Pictures of the kids for gifting or to just capture the moments as they grow so quickly…  Or, pictures of the whole family to celebrate the beauty of together…

Drop me a line here to let me know your “why!”  I’m so excited to meet you and to show your story beautifully in images!

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