Mother’s Day Joy

Candid Portrait Photography Roswell Georgia

“No. ”  [Eye roll]

“Fine.  You’re sure?  Please!  Just one picture.  I promise?”  [Pleading eyes]

“Definitely not.  Mom/Dad.  Don’t embarrass me.”  [Walks away]



For many families, it seems to be a common curse that they, too, have been “blessed” with a child who dislikes being photographed.  Personality?  Phase in their lives?  I’m honestly not sure what might cause it, but the exchange above is stock at many houses!

The Bargain

So, as moms, you look for the small wins, and desperately cling to the one time each year where you and the kids can call a truce:  Mother’s Day.

For the last four years, each Mother’s Day, one of the best gifts I’ve loved helping families provide for Mom is an on-location portrait session for her of the family.  As many pictures as she wants, the choice to be in them or not, and, working to see if we can with get everyone in and out of the session with little to no whining, and minimal fuss.  It’s a beautiful challenge!  😀

So, this year, the scene for the magic was  in Downtown Atlanta for some family sessions (the next session sneak peek is coming soon!),   We’d did a bit of a walk around for some on-location, candid, urban portraits to celebrate Mom’s special occasion :-D.

We had a blast!

Family Photography Roswell Geogria

Kids Portrait Photography Roswell Georgia

And… A Bonus!

Not only did this particular session get a smiley daughter, but also an extra bonus added in!  Dad agreed to make photos as well!  Seriously, who is the lucky Momma?!?!  😀 ❤️

Candid Portrait Photography Roswell Georgia Urban Portrait Photography Atlanta Georgia