Experiencing the “Vida” Local

Haha!  See what I did there?  “Vida” is Spanish for “life”… So, experiencing the local life!  Being “punny” in with words in a foreign language–Ricky Martin would have given me a wink for that I think 😉  Anyway, I digress… 😀

One of the things that is seriously the coolest about travel is getting out and seeing what local life is really like.  Beyond the hotel.  Outside the resort.  Eating local.  Traveling as they travel.  Getting to know these amazing people in their element gives a really great perspective for travelers on the soul of the community.

Local Nicaragua

For the women of the Can’t Surf, No Worries Tribe, pairing up with “Solidary Tours Tola”, provided an amazing opportunity to step into local homes, schools and farms around the communities of El Tambo,  Ajal, and Ramate to sample daily life in a Nica Village.  Designed and run by their community, Solidary is a Nicaragua cultural tour whose outcomes flow back into these local families.

The Experience

The agreement across the group was that instant gratification is not really a thing  in many instances here!  Good things are done by hand, with care, and deliberate focus.

From hauling things (including us!) very, very slowly via ox cart under the watchful eye and quick smile of Armengol:

To the triple-grinding of corn by hand, and learning the secrets of how to press and cook amazingly delicious fresh tortillas with Aura:

To getting fresh milk and living life on the farm with Leonidas and his beautiful family: Group-Travel-Photography-Nicaragua

And even with things like hand-making bricks, and then carefully making comales (a tortilla cooking pottery, seen in the flames in an image above) with Bernarda for everyday use:

The next time you find yourself in a new place, I hope that you can seek out a local excursion, experience, or tour.  Sustainable and cultural travel experiences can truly benefit us all 🙂

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