An Engagement Session in the Woods


Did you know there are “cliffs” in Wisconsin?!  Well, a few, anyways;-)

So, what do you do for a newly engaged couple who lives and plays at height in Seattle, Washington (they’re avid rock climbers!!), but are celebrating their engagement in the flats of Wisconsin?  You  find a way to “elevate”!

Newly-engaged-couple-in-an-Outdoor Engagement-Portrait-at-SunsetThere’s so much to LOVE about this adventure engagement photo session.  A beautiful night.  Gorgeous surrounds.  And, the fabulously flexible and fun soon-to-be married couple of Becca and Day was the crowning jewel!

They were pretty chill about us getting lost (it was only slightly;-) ), scrambling over boulders in flip flops, and then chasing the last of the golden hour to go play in the wild flowers.  😀

Enjoy the sneak peek!  I can’t wait to share the rest with you!