The Climbing Life

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Gear. Good friends coming together to enjoy the climbing lifestyle. And, a gorgeous day. Nothing better… 

Climbing lifestyle photographyI’m excited to share a peek into the adventure out with an awesome climbing crew from the Atlanta, Georgia metro area.  On this fabulous outing, they spent the day climbing, relaxing, and enjoying the climbing lifestyle.  Especially when you’re working on a long term “project” route that pushes your abilities (like Dann was on this trip), climbing is always so much better with friends to watch, cheer, and help dissect the route beta 😉 southeast rock climbing photographer

On The Road

On this beautiful weekend, we made the easy (and beautiful) drive over to Sand Rock, Alabama for a day of climbing at the unique and extremely accessible Cherokee Rock Village.  Situated on what might best described as a “mountain”, a little road winds you up, up, up to the top.   Once you arrive, you find a dense concentration of beautiful sandstone towers that pop up all over summit.

Because the approach the the outermost towers is just a sub-5 minute “hike” from the parking area, the Sand Rock climbing area is really accessible to climbers of all ages and abilities.  And once within the sandstone pillars, you can move easily through the maze-like corridors from wall to wall, and, tower to tower.  Sand Rock is a rock climber paradise with sport climbing and trad climbing routes just minutes apart and nearly everywhere you look!

southeast climbing photographerCherokee Rock Village Climbing Alabamasand rock alabama climbing photographer

For those of you that have been around climbing may notice, every climbing area seems to always have crag dog!!  😀  As this awesome dog will attest, like in rock climbing, tough, scrappy, and totally bad ass come in many different packages! Never underestimate the power within! 😉

alabama climbing photographer

Whether you’re working on sending a project route and want some inspirational images to keep pushing, you and your honey are vibing an adventure session for couple’s photos out doing the things you love, or, maybe even a rock climbing wedding to honor your adventures together, I’d love to come adventure with you.  Your story is waiting to be beautifully shown!  Drop me a line here to see how we can adventure:-)

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