What’s Your Personal Branding?

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a very talented gentleman to help create his professional headshots to best represent his personal brand.

As a musician, he needed cohesive looks that could be used across a full marketing portfolio, but that could flex to the feel and image conveyed by the sound of his singles as he released them.  Who doesn’t love a wonderful challenge?!

For this session, we worked in the studio to make his head shots for the look and feel I could create.  Here’s an example of one of his branding pieces we created:

Professional Headshot for Personal Branding

If you’ve ever taken photos in a studio session (whether in the actual studio, or a “mobile studio” that’s brought to you), you’ve probably experienced the different vibe that being in front of the these big, bright lights in this cool, almost stark-feeling space can create.  You almost feel as if you’re in the spotlight…. oh… wait… you are!!  😉   For those of you that follow my work, you know candid portraits are my specialty.  So how, you may wonder, is it possible to create candid style images in such a formal environment?

Branding headshot in a studio

Another candid “look” from his portrait session:


For me, the answers are simple:

  • Music:-)  What music puts you most at ease and/or energizes you?  Bring it to the studio, and we’ll play it to create a fun and personal feeling throughout your portrait session!
  • Patience.  Studio sessions can’t be rushed.  It takes time to get comfortable in the space, and to play around with the props and lighting that best convey the look you need.  So, I schedule longer studio session times with you so that we are not rushed.
  • Attitude.  Whether inside the studio or out, my attitude is the same.  Casual, fun, silly!  For me, creating professional headshots that you’ll love comes down to my ability to create a low-pressure environment where we talk and interact in a way that makes it feel like you don’t have to “perform” for the camera.  We’re there together in the space, I just happen to take a picture every once in a while:-).

In Studio Portrait SessionCandid Headshot Portrait in a Studio

So, what does your personal branding say about you?  Does it portray you as you are today, and how you want to be seen tomorrow?   Finding the right portrait photographer who can bring out your best, but, in a unique way that shows your style is important.  Drop me an email at Kate@MAKEinstinctiveimages.com to let me know what type of branding headshots we can create for you!

Looking for great personal brand photography, but in a more natural setting?  Visit our sister brand, MAKE / Adventure Stories to see what our outdoor lifestyle photography has to offer!

Artistic portait for a music artist

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