Marni & Ryan

A Beautiful Backyard Wedding!

Choosing to marry in the place that’s most dear to the couple is one of my absolute favorite things…  You and your partner are unlike anyone else, so of course your wedding should help tell your story!  This great backyard wedding is a perfect example!  In this gallery below, you’ll meet Marni & Ryan, who decided to tie the knot in the beautiful back yard of the adorable home they share.  Home truly is where the heart is  ❤️

casual and fun backyard wedding in Roswell GeorgiaIn a day filled with glorious sunshine, laughter, and happy tears, family assembled from homes scattered across the US to help Marni and Ryan celebrate as they said, “Yes!  Forever, I do!”backyard-casual-wedding-0053Something old, something borrowed, something blue!  Marni’s dress was beautiful and classic!  Found by one of her dear friends at a thrift shop and gifted to her, this amazing vintage find suited Marni, the day, and the venue perfectly:-)  Montgomery Ward–they had the boho look pegged back in the day;-)

backyard-casual-wedding-0044 backyard-casual-wedding-0158backyard-casual-wedding-0179

World, meet Frank.  He is–in all seriousness–possibly the coolest cat that ever lived.  A) He believes himself to be a dog.  B) Look at that hair.  Puffy chic, yet stone-cold cool.  C) He’s famous.  Apparently he’s moonlighted in a tv commercial or two.  I rest my case 😉backyard-casual-wedding-0077backyard-casual-wedding-0193 backyard-casual-wedding-0221backyard-casual-wedding-0251backyard-casual-wedding-0241backyard-casual-wedding-0243 backyard-casual-wedding-0230backyard-casual-wedding-0095backyard-casual-wedding-0295The girls had practiced their petal tossing.  It is an incredibly big job, after all!  As evident by the perfect height, arc, and volume of petals, this type of casual perfection takes much, much practice 😉backyard-casual-wedding-0311  Just a few of the fun details!  This backyard wedding kept the atmosphere simple, with a definite nod to a bit of “rustic” and the importance of family.backyard-wedding-details-3 backyard-wedding-details-4

Beautiful backyard–Boat–Barn–Biking–Barcelona (any takers?!)

There are truly an endless list of possible places to get married, so finding one that’s so very special to you and your partner is definitely do-able!  On this incredibly special day, chose to celebrate you and create an experience the reflects who you and your partner really are:-)  I can’t wait to see what we’ll do!

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