Welcome to Path Less Traveled, a bit of a project of the heart for me here at MAKE / Instinctive Images to help couples create beautiful adventure weddings and engagements!

In going through that period in life where everyone I know “got married”, I came to see a subtle pressure to follow a set path for a wedding. To wear the right dress, have the right venue, and to design & execute the day for others–not the couple of honor. And for me, that misses the mark… looking back at your wedding album should be a happy reminder of your unique celebration of your very unique love, not a disappointing reminder of living someone elses’ vision for the day.

I want your wedding or engagement to capture who you and your partner are, and, to showcase you in your environment and in the wild and beautiful places that capture your story.   The cliff where you first climbed together.  The mountain meadow where you camped and were moved by the clarity of the Milky Way.  Endless single-track rolling out before you on a perfect summer day.  A moonrise over the rim of the Grand Canyon, watched from the river. It never gets old to see and capture the celebration of love surrounded by Mother Nature’s grandeur.  You need a photographer who can go with you to those places.

If you’ve dreamed of something different. Something out there. Beyond the event halls, and confines of “tradition”. That’s where your special day lies. Together, let’s bring it to life.


Check out Willie & Heather and the Day of Their Dreams for a view of their Path Less Traveled!

And then, send me an email to book the adventure wedding of your dreams!


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